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Cryptocurrency is everywhere in the news. Seeing massive gains or hearing stories of how crypto has changed many lives, I am sure you are tempted to invest.

For an entrant, the market prices of a lot of good projects are already in the higher range. Knowing how volatile crypto markets can be, prices can plummet in a jiffy which can not only eradicate any profits you have made but can end up creating losses too.

What if I tell you, you can still be part of the crypto ecosystem without investing tons of money from your saving but rather earn free cryptocurrency. Indeed, there are still some ways available to earn from crypto if you are really ready to invest your time and take some good efforts.

Before we start, we need to have some basic tools. they are

🎫 Twitter account (Never use your original accounts as there is a chance sometimes twitter banning accounts)

🎫Telegram accounts (The more, the better)

🎫Disposable email id’s (Never use your office or personal emails)

🎫Functional ERC-20 Wallet — enable multiple addresses ( I used imToken, Trust Wallet) — Remember never ever share your seed phrase or private key with anyone

If you don't know how to create a wallet,, read this post:

Watch Video how to create a wallet:

🎫A good web browser( Brave/Chrome/Firefox)

Once you have all these tools, let's start our journey.


The easiest way to earn crypto is via Airdrops. An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token by a new project or sometimes an existing project, mainly used for promotional or marketing purposes.

The typical way of getting airdrops merely is signing up for newsletters, joining their Twitter accounts, being a part of their Telegram communities etc.., etc.

Pls be noted that some of the airdrops you collect may not be immediately worth a fortune,, but in the future, they can worth a lot once the project gets listed in a good exchange. If you are lucky,, you may find airdrops from a listed project that means quick money..

Now the question will be how to find airdrops.

There are some websites,, and Twitter accounts you can follow. These websites regularly publish the ongoing or upcoming..

Websites :

Airdrop Twitter Handles




You can also search on Twitter with the hashtag #airdrops or #airdrop, and you can get some live results.

Things to be careful about Airdrops

First of all, you should remember the basic safety rules when hunting for free cryptocurrencies. If, while making airdrops, at some point, If you come across a message that the project for some reason needs your private key or other sensitive data to verify, you can be 100% sure that it is a scam.


Unlike airdrops which you need to do a simple task, Bounties needs you to do a task that takes more effort; hence you can earn more as well. A bounty program is mostly launched by an ICO ( Pre-ICO or post-ICO) to reward the so-called bounty hunters for fulfilling a given set of tasks.

Mostly, the payments will in the form of native tokens or sometimes in USDT/BTC/ETH. The payments in a bounty program are always on the higher side than the airdrops, ranging from a $50 Stake or even to 1000’s dollars.

A majority of the bounty programs are hosted in Bitcointalk forum or Among all the tasks, the best-paying ones are Translation Campaigns, Bitcointalk Signature Bounties, Youtube Campaign, and Article Writing.

Now let's talk about, which is the treasure trove for free tokens.

Bitcointalk is an Internet forum dedicated to the discussion of bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency. Satoshi Nakamoto himself initially created the forum.

The major advantage of Bitcointalk is that you can find a lot of genuine airdrops and bounties in that. If you are serious about making a lot of free crypto by doing advanced bounties, you can check the link below.

Another good website for finding bounties is . Again you need to do advanced tasks to earn here as well.

Publish0x ( )

Publish0x is a Crypto agnostic platform where both authors and readers earn in Crypto. Publish0x is a crypto agnostic publishing platform similar to Medium, where both author and reader earn. Users can earn crypto by reading and/or writing.

The best way to earn more is to join Publish0x as writer. You don need to have any writing experience . All you need is basic understanding about English. You can start posting your own stories , news or even project analysis in the platform . Publish0x will give you free crypto based on the quality of your post. This can be from $0.50 to $50 .

If you start posting multiple stories per day and in a month you may end up earning from $100– $150 of free crypto

Exchange Giveaways

On daily/ weekly basis ,multiple twitter giveaways are promoted by leading crypto projects and exchanges. All it needs is to do simple task and if you are lucky you can win a lot of free cryptos

For this you need to keep a track of all major exchange twitter handles. you can also be a part of their telegram group and sometimes exchanges do conduct simple activities in telegram like a Q&A session and distribute rewards.

You can check the below link and follow all the exchanges twitter handles

Ambassador program

A lot of new and existing projects gives chance to community members to earn their tokens by helping to promote their brand, sometimes even help them to test there beta produts. Most of these program as highly rewarding and can help you to earn a lot.

The trick is to keep a track of all these new and upcoming projects and keep tracking of their twitter feeds

Websites to follow :

Twitter accounts to follow : @ICO_Analytics

(You can also search twitter with #Ambassador program #bounty #giveaways etc )


Earn is an initive from which helps you to acquire cryptoassets in a fun and low risk way, by watching videos and testing your knowledge.All you need to do is read , watch video and participate in quiz . Here is the link (


These are some ways to earn cryptocurrency without actually having to trade it. And while they may not land you with massive stores of crypto, these can certainly boost your holdings and if you are really lucky you may end up an airdop like ONT or Difinity which can make you massive gains as well



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