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What is Dora Factory?

Backed by the DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series, HackerLlink Grants and supported by prominent VC funds including Fundamental Labs, Signum Capital, and LongHash Ventures, Dora Factory describes itself as an “open-source, community-driven venture builder” which gives users the power to create and manage powerful decentralized venture organizations. To understand in simple terms, consider the Dora factory the next-gen Y Combinator which can help to nurture the upcoming projects.

Through Dora Factory, open-source projects can easily become a venture DAO, allowing its community of users and developers to create and manage the organization and funding of the project — including managing grants, governance, bounties, and more.

By providing a powerful toolkit, curators can easily create and launch their own DAOs to better engage with developers and drive the development of open-source projects. Dora Factory will provide an array of highly-configurable pallets that can be used for managing their venture DAO, which can be added ad-hoc based on the needs of each community.

Dora Factory’s DAO-as-a-service solution is designed to run as a layer-2 protocol on top of Polkadot and Ethereum, providing a solution to projects on both platforms, while allowing developers to easily create and add their own pallets.

Dora Factory (DORA) is all set to launch.

Inspired by Dorayaki, Doraemon's favourite snack, DORA will be the native tokens of the upcoming Dora Factory Ecosystem. With an initial total supply 10,000,000, DORA will act as the utility token that will allow its users to stake, mine and even use it as a mode of value transfer in the DORA Ecosystem. Apart from that Developers who build on Dora Factory will be awarded DORA tokens as a mode of rewards.

DORA will be launched as IDOs with DuckStarter,, MXC, Bounce and WeStarter from March 21 to March 22. After the completion of IDOs, a 48-hour Balancer LBP will start at 12:00 pm(UTC+0) on March 22.

Once the IDO’s are over, Trading will start in,MXC and uniswap. Coming to upcoming exchanges ,I can safely bet on Huobi (As 8 out of 10 Huobi Polkadot Sponsors are part of Dora Investors) and hopefully Binance and OKEX ( Due to Dora Hacks previous association, this is just a calculated guess).

DORA — A Long term Hold.

I am sure We all are here for the technology.

Jokes apart, Lets not talk about how Dora Factory can help to create a platform that can help to empower open-source developers for launching DAO-based venture organizations or about how DORA holders will be actively participate in governance of Dora Factory, Let me talk about the language you understand Profits.

It is no open secret that a majority of the members who enter crypto are here for profits and profits cannot be created in a day or two. You need to have diamond hands and a long term HODL.

Let’s understand why its important to HODL.

This stash is worth $98.6 Million at today’s price.

Let’s take a recent example , Recently Ethernity Chain (ERN) was sold via IDO at Polkastarters on March 8th in the rate of 1176 ERN @0.195382 ETH. Majority of the participants dumped the token for 10x ( 2 ETH) on the day of listing thinking they made a fortune. But if they have opted for HODL , As of today the same amount of ERN could have earned them 27.15 ETH

Hope you got the message.

Now you may ask me why should i HODL DORA. Again I am not going into the technical details of the project but from a investment perspective Let’s Begin with the list of investors DORA have.

The next important factor is Dorafactory is backed by Dorahack which is the largest Hacker Communities and the most Active Hackathon Organizers Globally.

I hope you have got enough reason to understand , that true value will only be created only if you trust the project you invest and HODL.


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