Cryptocurrency is everywhere in the news. Seeing massive gains or hearing stories of how crypto has changed many lives, I am sure you are tempted to invest.

For an entrant, the market prices of a lot of good projects are already in the higher range. Knowing how volatile crypto markets can be, prices can plummet in a jiffy which can not only eradicate any profits you have made but can end up creating losses too.

What if I tell you, you can still be part of the crypto ecosystem without investing tons of money from your saving but rather earn…

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What is Dora Factory?

Backed by the DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series, HackerLlink Grants and supported by prominent VC funds including Fundamental Labs, Signum Capital, and LongHash Ventures, Dora Factory describes itself as an “open-source, community-driven venture builder” which gives users the power to create and manage powerful decentralized venture organizations. To understand in simple terms, consider the Dora factory the next-gen Y Combinator which can help to nurture the upcoming projects.

Through Dora Factory, open-source projects can easily become a venture DAO, allowing its community of users and developers to create and manage the organization and funding of the project — including managing grants…

Recently The Duckdao has announced the hosting of Dora Factory IDO in Duckdao’s IDO Platform, DuckSTARTER. DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success

This came as no surprise as DuckDAO was one of the strategic investors in its second round of Private Sale.

Dora Factory has two rounds of successful private sales. Led by HashKey, Dora Factory’s first round of private sale was joined by NGC Ventures, DFG, SNZ Holdings, AU21 Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Digital…

Blockchain has the potential to change the way we arrange, record and verify transactions, with the underlying model shifting away from a centralised structure towards decentralised systems. The heart of the blockchain revolution is the blockchain developers who are designing and optimizing blockchain protocols and crafting the architecture of blockchain systems.

In the beginning, the role of blockchain developers was more of a technical one. They where more focused on developing and optimizing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain systems, developing smart contracts etc. …

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Bitcoin finally breached the $50,000 barrier on February 16th for the first time, pushing 2021 gains to around 74% so far. This insane rally was fueled (no pun intended) by American auto giant Tesla’s open admission that it had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin in January, and that it intends to begin accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment from consumers.

Another interesting piece of news surfaced as rumours swirled that a $150 billion investment arm of Morgan Stanley’s plans to allocate a portion of their investments in Bitcoin. Even a 5% allocation means $7.5 …

Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange in Serbia. Xcalibra can be the answer.

Launched in August 2019, Xcalibra is a fast-growing multi-currency licensed digital assets exchange based out of Switzerland. Xcalibra is developed as a platform that offers cryptocurrency trading opportunities to both retail and institutional traders.

We cant say Xcalibra is a big player when it comes to other global exchanges, but they do have a strong presence in Serbia and Xcalibra is one of the few exchanges that helps users with Serbia dollars deposit and withdrawals.

Xcalibra has set their mission to provide users with more secure, convenient…

The AAX exchange platform is one of the more sober cryptocurrency platforms in the market. Its maturity and direction lifted it to global status as a leading digital exchange platform. At the core of its service is the Millennium Exchange technology, the same technology used by the London Stock Exchange. The matching engine technology, amongst others, elevates the standards of AAX in terms of security, service, integrity, and performance. AAX is registered in Seychelles, having met all the regulatory requirements.

In my review, I highlight its origins and what makes AAX, stand out amongst its peers.

Disclaimer: This article is…

You have read about Venus Protocol Farming in Pancakeswap. If you don’t know, the Venus team has offered to distribute 1% of the total XVS token supply to SYRUP holders, that’s 300,000 XVS in total.

Excited, But you don’t know how to create a Binance Smart Chain Wallet to participate in Pancakeswap. Let me help you.

There are two ways to create a wallet. One is using a mobile wallet like Trust Wallet or MATH wallet and next is using a browser extension like MetaMask .

Let’s start with the Mobile Wallets first, which is an easier way to…

As per a recent survey, there are around 40+ million cryptocurrency users in the world. But for a majority of the above users, their crypto activity just includes trading in an exchange, hoping to make a fortune. They don’t use crypto in day to day life.

This simply shows that cryptocurrency adoption in day to day life is still in the nascent stage. There were a lot of blockchain projects that came into existence, promising to help increase blockchain adoption in day to day life but most of them fizzled away as time passed.

A handful of projects remained, pushed…

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